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My rental search service connects renters with great rental properties that they can call home.  I search, inspect and secure rental properties faster, easier and more efficiently using tried and tested systems that ensure your rental success. 

Moving to Sydney and balancing work and other commitments while searching for a rental property can be a logistical nightmare.  As your agent, I advocate for you, represent your interests and find the best rental property for your needs.  I have access to a large number of rental properties through established networks with property managers and private landlords, offering you greater choice. 

Mostly, my clients are people who have missed out on many rental homes in Sydney’s competitive rental market, have attended countless inspections and felt let-down by the online ads, feel overwhelmed by the intense competition for the best homes that seem to rent so quickly, and feel despondent by the process.  Other clients live overseas or interstate or have limited mobility and cannot easily inspect homes.  Others have recently sold and would like to try out a new area before deciding where to buy their forever home; some are busy professionals with little time to search and inspect properties; while others have unique circumstances such as starting out in the rental market with no prior rental history (or perhaps have a poor rental history), renting with unique family or living situations, or are renting without an income.  Most of my clients have pets and I have successfully found homes for pets and their humans, every time.

I can help you, whatever your circumstances.  I'm all about finding the best home for you, efficiently, stress-free and with minimal fuss.

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did you know?

  • The average renter inspects 15 - 20+ properties, places 5 - 7 applications and gets approved for one property

  • My processes effectively eliminate all but 2 - 3 perfect properties and 100% applications have been approved to date.

i can help you if:

  • You want to rent a home in Sydney.

  • You would like to appoint a licensed real estate agent to find your next rental home for you.

  • You appreciate that this is a paid, professional service ... the service typically requires 60 hours of time as I leave no stone unturned to find and secure your new home. Please enquire for a formal quote. Fees are roughly two to four weeks’ rent.

If this is you, I'd love to hear from you!  Click on the "CONTACT ME TODAY" button below, let me know a little more about what you need, and I'll be in touch usually within a couple of hours

together, we will:

  • Discuss your property requirements in detail.

  • Create a compelling, winning tenancy application: my success rate is 100%.

  • Review behind-the-scenes information on your potential rental property ... the sort of information that is only accessible to real estate property professionals. This gives you confidence in your decisions.

  • Explore your lease terms and ensure that your interests are safeguarded.

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  • Property searches: I'll search both on-market and off-market, saving you hours of time and increasing your access to properties.

  • Property inspections: I'll provide you with comprehensive reports and photos (you're very welcome to inspect homes with me). I'll inspect an unlimited number of properties until the best home has been secured for you. I aim to inspect mid-week to place you ahead of most other rental property searchers, weekend crowds and competition.

  • Coordination and submission of applications.

  • Enquiries of property managers.

  • Negotiating the rent and lease terms: as a buyer's agent, I'm skilled at negotiating these in your favour, ensuring that your interests are represented.

  • You'll also appreciate ongoing advice throughout your tenancy.

"What I liked the most about Melissa’s service was her positivity, the depth of the reports, Melissa's responsiveness and her unflappable demeanour.  The property reports and background checks Melissa undertook were invaluable to me, I was incredibly impressed.  I was tremendously grateful for Melissa's attention to detail and the exhaustive effort which she put into the search; working until midnight some nights and backing up early the next day - she went above and beyond to supply a first rate service.

You’re amazing Melissa, thank you so much!  I appreciate your input more than you could know."