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Melissa is an Independent Licenced Buyer's Agent who loves to help people find homes in Sydney's daunting real estate market.  Whether you're buying a first home / up-scaling / down-sizing or seeking an investment property, Melissa offers very personal and professional strategic service.  As an Independent Buyer’s Agent, Melissa holds no vested interest in any particular property she may recommend.  Her sole position is to act exclusively for you and what is in your BEST interests based upon your stated requirements and budget.

Why choose Melissa?

Melissa holds a Master of Business Administration from the AGSM and also a Real Estate Agent’s Licence.  She is also a successful property investor and understands completely the real stresses and processes in purchasing property.  With knowledge, passion and experience she is ideally placed to help you achieve your property goals.  Melissa established her Buyer's Agency after realising that there was a great need for buyer's agents who understand the emotional elements that are so much a part of a property purchase. 

Melissa understands that it’s all about finding a property where you can create a home.  A place where you can raise your family, change the direction of your life, start over after life's changes or seek peace and comfort.  Melissa takes a holistic approach to finding a home that starts with taking the time to really listen to you and understand your circumstances and the stage of life you are at, and this information forms the basis of her service to you, to ensure her services meet your individual needs and goals.

With Melissa's personalised, caring approach, Melissa is a trustworthy and experienced partner to help guide you through the sometimes daunting process of buying a home in Sydney.

Listen to Melissa being interviewed by Mike Mortlock of MCG Quantity Surveyors