Time in the market is one of the most crucial factors when buying a property.  The longer it takes to purchase a home in a rising market, the higher the purchase price becomes and the less likely you are to be able to afford the home you love.  My service helps you find your ideal property quickly, ensuring you don’t spend any more time or money than you need to.

My fee is determined up-front, and is paid in three installments, with the final installment paid upon exchange.

Each property search is unique, and my fees reflect this.  Some homes are harder to find; others are further away; some are larger (more to inspect, report on and evaluate); others are smaller.  Please complete my online enquiry so that I can prepare a quote for you.

The engagement period is six months. 

I am an independent buyer's agent; I do not accept commissions or fees from selling agents, developers or vendors.


  • The cost of your time (roughly 200+ hours / one year for a home purchase) searching and inspecting properties every weekend.
  • The risk of incorrectly evaluating a property through a lack of access to professional and reliable property data.  Property is a costly and risky purchase.  Buying the wrong home means selling and buying again sooner ... a much more costly exercise than buying the right home upfront.
  • The heartache and frustration that property purchase entails.

When my competitive and fair fee is considered alongside these aspects, most people realise the value and the benefit of my service.

Consider this real life example of a two bedroom unit purchased by MMBA for $740,000 in May, 2017, compared with buying on your own:


My client saved $52,260 overall, this was despite paying my fee.  This scenario only takes into account the more rapid purchase period that my service allows.  It doesn't take into account the savings made through buying the RIGHT home and the value of your time that has been saved through out-sourcing your property purchase to a professional.


service guarantee

After working with buyers, renters, landlords and agents, I'm confident you'll be delighted with my service.  If, for whatever reason, you are not happy, I offer a 7-day, money-back guarantee for the Full Buyer's Agent Service.