I offer a unique model of service that allows you to be as involved in your purchase as you wish, and my fees are the most reasonable I have found.

I am the best value buyer's agency in Sydney.

I know that many people feel capable and willing - and event look forward to - their property purchase process, and I don't wish t take that away from them.  Yet, I also know that people often want a property professional to bonce ideas off, crunch the numbers, access the property data portals that are only available to licenced real estate agents and assist with negotiation strategy.  That is where I come in!

How are you different from other Buyer's Agents?

who is your ideal client?

I have a certain type of client who I love working with, and who loves working with me, too.  Clients who are a perfect fit for me are:

  • Investors who are looking for an established property to buy; not off-the -plan or new developments.  I also do not help investors who are purchasing land.
  • Investors who want to purchase according to safe and strategic plans using tried and true data (low risk).
  • Have a realistic budget.
  • Are able to work collaboratively and are responsive during the search phase of our work
  • Investors who are purchasing in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West or North Shore (I do not purchase investment properties outside of these areas).
  • Home buyers who are purchasing in the Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, North Shore, Northern Beaches, St George area or Sutherland Shire.
  • People who are ready to purchase now
  • Have pre-approval and a deposit

I am selective about who I work with.  If I am not completely confident that I can help you or I believe we would not be a good fit to work together, I will suggest that we do not proceed and will refer you to another professional who may be able to assist you.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, I offer a 100% 7-day money back guarantee for my full buyer's agent service.  I also guarantee:

  1. You will always receive reports that use data from genuine and reliable sources. 
  2. You will always have all the information you need to make an informed decision.
  3. To keep in contact with you and return your calls or emails promptly.

My services are very flexible and there is a package for people who want to do their own searches and inspections (for a reduced fee).  However, if you have asked me to search for properties for you, then finding a property on the internet will be the first of many steps that I will take to purchase the perfect property for you.  If you want to look on the Internet and pass any relevant listings onto me, I'm more than happy to include them in the portfolio of properties put together for you, but this will not affect the fee.

What if I find my own property after engaging your service?

Can you find off-market properties?

Absolutely.  It is increasingly common for properties to sell off-market and pre-market to buyer's agents.  Also, real estate selling agents are more inclined to deal with me because they know that my clients are all qualified (pre-approved, deposit ready).

Are Buyer's Agents expensive?

Some are; I am not.  My services will easily meet your budget and needs.  I'm very confident you'll find my fees to be cost-effective and affordable.  Importantly, my fee does not increase with your property's purchase price: it is a fixed fee.

How do we engage your service?

The first step is to complete the online enquiry.  I'll be in touch by phone or by email where we can arrange to review, clarify and record your property needs.  You become a client by completing an agency agreement and paying the relevant fee.

Yes, I am 100% independent.  I:

  • Do not receive any commissions from a third party; I am paid entirely by my clients
  • Do not offer vendor advocacy, or any other services for sellers
  • Do not sell real estate, including off-the-plan developments, new builds, house-and-land packages etc.  I work with clients who are buying established properties in safe areas.
  • Do not have any affiliations with builders or developers

Are you 100% independent?

Why do people choose to work with you?

  • I efficiently eliminate non-ideal properties so that you can focus your time and emotions on properties that will work for you
  • I will deal with the selling agents so that you do not waste your time hearing about and inspecting homes that are not suited to your needs
  • Together, we will avoid chasing under-quoted properties so that we can focus on properties that will sell within your budget
  • If you're investing, I'll teach and guide you so that you can think smarter about property
  • Clients who work with me purchase many months sooner than they would if they were working alone.  In a rising market, this equates to huge savings ... far greater than my fee
  • I offer specific advice and guidance during and after your property purchase