Can you help me?

I'll go to great lengths to find what you are looking for, and if I think that I'm unable to achieve an outcome based on your requirements and market conditions, I'll tell you up front - before you engage my services (that's a promise).  I will only work with a client if I am confident that I can achieve an outcome for them that is consistent with their needs.  We'll work together to write a comprehensive list of requirements for your new home or investment property.  This way, you can be assured that I'll search for the properties you'll truly be interested in.

How do we engage your service?

The first step is to complete the online property brief.  I'll then be in touch by phone or by email where we can arrange to review, clarify and record your property needs.  You become a client by completing our agency agreement and paying the relevant fee.

How do I know I am getting value for money when I work with you?

  1. You are assured of one-on-one service: I don't out-source my service to anyone. 
  2. Cost savings may occur a few ways: negotiating the purchase price DOWN due to factors that I have personally discovered; tips and pointers enabling you to save precious $$; saving on building & pest / strata reports and contract reviews for unsuitable properties that on the surface are suitable
  3. My skills at negotiating to ensure that you get a good deal
  4. Access to off-market properties: properties you would never have found on your own. 
  5. Save time (what is your time worth per hour?) and stress
  6. The best part is the fixed fee service, which works to your advantage.

My fees are very competitive in the market.  I believe the fee you pay shouldn’t increase just because the property price is higher.  My aim is to secure your property for the lowest possible price, so my pricing structure reflects this belief and ensures you get the lowest possible price for your next home or investment. 

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, to give added peace of mind, I offer a 100% 14-day money back guarantee for certain buyer's agent services. 

Do you offer any other guarantees?

YEs! I guarantee:

  1. You will always receive reports provided from genuine and reliable sources. 
  2. You will always have all the information you need to make an informed decision.
  3. To keep in contact with you and return your calls or emails promptly.

What is an exclusive Buyer's Agent?

A Real Estate Buyer’s Agent is a licenced real estate agent who is appointed to act solely on behalf of - and represent - the person purchasing the property.  An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent such as Melissa Maimann does not work for (or on behalf of) selling agents or vendors in any capacity - they exclusively work for you, the buyer of the property.  A 14-day, money-back guarantee is offered for certain buyer's agent services. 

How will you save us money?

  1. Firstly and significantly, by not over-paying for a property: with access to research and database information, I am able to form a highly accurate opinion of an upper price limit for a particular property of interest.  At times, this may be below the price at which the agent is quoting.  Databases and research ensure that I have access to property data that may signal when a lower price can be successfully offered and accepted.
  2. Minimising your spend on strata / building / pest reports: we only order these once we have assured ourselves through other thorough due diligence that this property is one we are genuinely interested in.

Can a Selling Agent assist us instead?

Selling agents may assist buyers to locate the very properties that the selling agents are selling, however their duty is first and foremost to the vendor of the property they are trying to sell. The Selling Agent is legally obliged to obtain the best possible price for the vendor.  A real estate Buyer’s Agent, on the other hand, has a duty first and foremost to you, the buyer. 

The key difference between a Buyer’s Agent and a Selling Agent is who they represent.  By law, an agent cannot act for (and accept a commission from) both parties in the transaction.  As a real estate Buyer’s Agent, I work exclusively for you - and will help you negotiate with the selling agent to secure the best price and terms on your new home or investment, and importantly, ensure that the property you purchase is right for you.  I don't have any properties to sell: my aim is to accurately match my clients to properties.

Can I personally inspect properties?

You are more than welcome to do so!  We can inspect properties together, you may inspect them alone, you may ask me to inspect all of the properties on your behalf -whatever you prefer.  Any properties inspected on your behalf that meet your brief will have a full report, so you are kept informed at all times.

What if I find my own property after engaging your service?

My services are very flexible and there is a package for people who want to do their own searches and inspections (for a reduced fee).  However, if you have asked me to search for properties for you, then finding a property on the internet will be the first of many steps that I will take to purchase the perfect property for you.  If you want to look on the Internet and pass any relevant listings onto me, I'm more than happy to include them in the portfolio of properties put together for you, but this will not affect the fee.

Can you find off-market properties?

Absolutely.  It is increasingly common for properties to sell off-market and pre-market to buyer's agents.  Also, real estate selling agents are more inclined to deal with me because they know that my clients are all qualified (pre-approved, deposit ready).

Are Buyer's Agents expensive?

My services will easily meet your budget and needs.  I'm very confident you'll find my fees to be cost-effective and affordable.  Importantly, my fee does not increase with your property's purchase price: it is a flat fee.

Can I put the search on hold?

Yes, absolutely.  At any time, you may put your search on hold.  Fees paid are held by me and remain valid, and I re-commence searches when you are ready.  Please note: should you need to cancel the service, any fees paid are non-refundable. 

6 Great Reasons to use our Service


I work exclusively for you, the buyer.  I do not take any commission from the selling agent, nor do I take commissions from developers of new properties.  I represent your interests and needs and will not try to "sell" you an unsuitable property - ever!

I save you time .... lots of time

The property search process can take people well over a year.  I shorted that process to just two months, for the majority of the time.

I save you frustration

The average property buyer inspects well over 50 properties, makes hundreds of property enquiries and views thousands of properties online.  I will do all of this for you, shortlisting the most suitable properties for you, inspecting properties for you, and removing all of the frustration from dealing with selling agents and attending auctions.

I save you money

As a licenced real estate agent, I am able to appraise property for you, ensuring you don't over-pay for a property, whilst also using well-honed negotiation skills to negotiate purchase prices down in your favour.  I save you money on ordering building and pest reports / strata reports and contract reviews of properties that are likely to go for ore than your budget, and can suggest areas that will need further review before your purchase decision is made.

Access to off-market and pre-market homes

Established relationships with local real estate agents ensures that I am aware of off-market and pre-market properties.  You'll therefore be able to choose not only from the properties that are online and advertised, but also those properties that have yet to hit the market - or will never be advertised. 

Our fees are really a very small investment

Our fees are charged as as flat fee, so you'll always know how much you'll be paying.  There's absolutely no commission to be paid.