There are many reasons why Winter is such a fantastic time of the year to buy. Read more to find out why.

As the weather starts to become colder, people tend to be less inclined to go out to open homes, preferring to rug up by the heater.

Winter tends to see more ill health than Summer, with more people staying home with colds / flus.

Saturday Winter traffic can be busier than Saturday Summer traffic as fewer people are inclined to brave the elements on public transport on a cold, wet day. With more cars on the road, fewer people are keen to navigate wet streets, preferring to stay home.

People who really dislike our Winter tend to leave Sydney for the Winter and seek out warmer parts of the World.

Universities are in full swing during Winter, so there are fewer students attending open homes.

Approaching the end of the financial year, we often tend to see fewer buyers.

There is a perception that there are fewer homes on the market in Winter, hence less reason for buyers to look for a home during Winter.

All of this is good news for buyers! Fewer buyers means less competition and more time to consider properties. the best properties still sell quickly, but generally, with fewer buyers in the market, there is less pressure to buy right now and a greater sense of being able to carefully consider a property.

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