Asbestos Removal?

Surprisingly, 33% Sydney homes contain asbestos.  The safest option for owners is to have their home assessed for asbestos, and if found, to implement an asbestos management plan.  But why aren't more Australians doing this, considering the enormous health impacts of asbestos?

Research conducted by the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) shows that most people cannot identify asbestos, have a low level of awareness of asbestos and its risks, and are concerned about the cost of implementing an asbestos management plan.

My thoughts?  Better the devil you know!  Many homes contain asbestos and most asbestos is not the loose-fill type.  It is managed through an asbestos management plan rather than absolute removal / demolition.  Asbestos is best found and managed, than ignored.  We have a responsibility to create a safe space for tradespeople, tenants and owners alike.

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