tips to make a small home feel larger

As property prices increase, many people are wondering how they can do more with less.  In my every-day conversations with clients, room size comes up a lot and I often find myself sharing tips with my clients for ways that they can make a smaller space feel larger, or make a smaller space more functional.

Here are a few tips I'd like to share.

White paint

Painting walls white gives an impression of greater space, while darker colours can make a room seem more closed-in.  White paint also reflects all of the sun's light, whereas darker colours will absorb the light.  A brighter room feels more spacious. 

Storage options

Storage that is not built-in is a great option as it tends to be cheap to purchase and install and you can move it around where you need it to be, for example something that is on wheels can easily be moved between the dining room and kitchen if both the kitchen and dining room are small.

Consider using wall space as storage space by installing built-in draws, cupboards and shelves.  Consider fold-down wall beds in rooms that can also be used as a study.


A regular sort-out every 12 months or so will ensure that you live with the essentials that you need.  You might like to consider storage options for the items that you want to keep, but no longer have space for in your home.

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