Many people believe that Sydney is not an affordable city in which to buy a home, but did you know that there are several options to consider that can make buying in Sydney affordable for you?

Consider buying established properties

New homes sell for a premium, whereas an established home can usually be purchased for less.

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Consider homes where you can add value

Your new home might need painting, new carpet, floor boards to be polished, new door handles, or perhaps even a new kitchen or bathroom.  While this may seem daunting, you can often purchase homes that need renovating for less money than what it costs to purchase a home that has been recently renovated.  The other plus of renovating the home yourself is that you can control the quality of the work.

Homes on main roads are more affordable

Some main roads are not too busy, and it me be possible to install double glazing to cut out most of the noise.

Can you go without parking?

Parking does add to the purchase price of the home.  If there is reasonable parking on the street, can you go without dedicated parking?

Use a Buyer's Agent

Melissa Maimann Buyer's Agent is an affordable buyer's agent solution to help you find your next home.  Different packages ensure that help is available whatever your budget or service needs.