Ever wondered what sorts of things make a property attractive to buyers?  The following list can help you to determine if the property you're considering buying is likely to be bought for a premium - because it is so attractive to so many buyers.

  1. Mobile and internet reception: in today's life, these are seen as essential.
  2. Crime rates.  People want to live in safe suburbs, particularly tenants who may feel limited in their ability to make their home safer.
  3. Trees.  We chop them down at a rate of knots, but we actually value them for their inherent beauty, shade and the wildlife they attract.
  4. Public transport: people value being close to public transport.  Note, this is close to, not next to. People generally like to be within a 10-minute walk of a train station, and a 2-3 minute walk of a bus stop.
  5. Cafes and restaurants.  People love to be close to these.  It's the ability to walk around the corner and grab a coffee, meet friends and be close to activity.
  6. Access to parks is an important one.  With so many people having a furred friend, access to parks is important.  See #3 above.
  7. Shops are important: proximity to, though, not right next to.  People generally like their homes to be quiet, but close to hubs and activity.
  8. Close to work: people dislike being so far from work that they spend hours traveling each week.  Being close to work is a huge bonus.  See #4.

So, if the home you're viewing ticks a lot of these boxes, chances are it's going to sell quickly.  If you want it - you need to act quickly and decisively.  If you need a hand assessing due diligence on a property and negotiating the purchase, sing out.  I'm here to help!