I had a wonderful surprise: my colleague, George Astudillo, popped a copy of his brand new book in my letterbox over the weekend.  It is a brilliant read, and really spoke to me as a landlord, property buyer, tenant and property enthusiast.  Where ever you are in Australia, his book is invaluable.  It clearly identifies all of the State-based relevant legislation as it affects property management and purchase.  Whether you have your property managed by an agent or are self-managing your property, this book is gold! 

This book helps you to:

  1. Think like a landlord
  2. Identify the properties that are likely to be great for tenants
  3. Market your property
  4. Choose your tenants
  5. Manage your property
  6. Choose a property manager

This book is truly invaluable for any property investor or renter in Australia.  I recommend it for everyone!

Learn more about the book here.  To purchase the book, click the image.  Happy reading!