You're excited and ready for your first or next property purchase and you've decided that a Buyer's Agent is best placed to help you through your journey.  Before you engage a buyer's agent, here are some things you can have in place to make it smooth-sailing:

Consider who you would like to use as your conveyancer / property lawyer.  If you are stuck for ideas, your buyer's agent can suggest conveyancers / property lawyers who can assist.

Ensure that you have pre-approval for a home loan.  A Buyer's Agent can't commence searches until you have pre-approval for a home loan in place.  If you already have pre-approval, ensure that there haven't been any material changes in your circumstances since applying.  Material changes include such things as being made redundant, changing jobs, starting a business, having a baby / becoming pregnant (congratulations!), a pay rise, or a change in the loan type eg from an investment loan to a principal place of residence loan).

Ensure that you have a deposit for the property price bracket that you are considering purchasing.  A deposit is at least 5% of the purchase price, and sometimes 10%. 

Ensure that you have another 4% of the purchase price available to pay as stamp duty.

Ensure that you have some additional funds to pay your buyer's agent.

Consider what you want to buy in terms of purchase price, location, dwelling type and so on.  Your buyer's agent can make suggestions to make this process easier for you.

So there you have it! If you're considering a buyer's agent, contact me now for an obligation-free appointment to discuss your situation - I'd love to help!