Let's face it: moving house is never fun.  It's a huge job in itself.  I wanted to share some tips and pointers to make your next move smoother and easier.

Get organised before you begin

  • Clear a space (better still, a room) to house the boxes that you've started packing.  This maximises the space available for packing
  • Work out what you'll need before you start: texta pens, boxes of different sizes, tape, packing paper
  • Label your boxes with the room that they are to go in, and a number (eg kitchen 1; kitchen 2 etc).  This way you know which room each box is to be delivered to in your new home.  On a separate piece of paper, you can write down what is contained within each box (eg kitchen 1 is the dining set and cutlery), so that when you're unpacking on the other side, you know which boxes to prioritise and which can wait

How to pack

  • Pack heavier things to the bottom of the box
  • Pack the things you don't need to use, first.  Books, DVDs, your summer clothes (if it's winter), the things you rarely need to use: pack all of that stuff first. 
  • Fill each box well.  Half-filled boxes break more easily.
  • Use packing as an opportunity to have a sort out and throw out of things you no longer need.


Choose a reputable removalist. Seek out references from family / friends who have used the removalist service.  Clarify their prices and exactly what they will do for that fee.  Ensure that you provide all of the information that they'll need to know to give you an accurate quote.  Things like stairs, poor access and heavy / bulky items all inform the quote.  Choose wisely, check them out well and be very clear with what you need.  Where ever possible, speak with the person who is actually doing your move, not the call centre staff.



The best thing is to have about a 4-7 day overlap between needing to leave your old home, and being able to move into your new home.  Eg - able to move into your new home on Monday, but able to still live in your old home until at least Thursday of that week.  Why?  This gives you time to clean your new home before moving in; it creates a buffer if anything should happen with your pre-arranged removalist service; it allows for things that can come up unexpectedly - eg sickness; and it reduces the stress and pressure of moving.


Most people clean (or arrange to have cleaned) their hold home and also their new home before they move in.  If you're doing the cleaning yourself, remember to bring a few things for you: soap and a hand towel so that you can wash your hands, toilet paper, some coffee / tea / something to drink, a snack to eat.  And of course all of your cleaning stuff.

Moving in stages

Sometimes if you're moving somewhere that is close to where you currently live, it can be a good idea to move in stages by filling up your car with boxes / items and moving them into your new home.  This can be really helpful for moving the things that you won't need right away, or is space is an issue in the place you're leaving.

Consider professional help

Professional help is available, whether you're moving into a home you've bought or are looking fr a rental property.  Enquire here.