People engage buyer's agents for many reasons. At Melissa Maimann Buyer's Agent, I tailor the service to my individual client's needs.

  • Developing a clear but comprehensive brief based on your requirements.  The more detail, the better, as it informs the search and inspections and ensures that we pursue only those properties that are of most interest.
  • Searching for properties through online databases, sales agents (off-market sales) as well as access to recent listings and networks. 
  • Inspecting properties on my clients' behalf, saving them time, frustration, cost and emotion.  A short-list of inspected properties is presented to the client complete with an inspection report, photos and recommendations.
  • I thoroughly research the surrounding area to discover any possible developments that may impact the capital growth of the property in the future, as well as such things as sales and rental data, comparable sales and neighbourhood data.
  • I appraise properties of interest so that we can better understand the property’s value and pursue only those properties that are likely to be within my client's budget.
  • We arrange building and pest / strata reports to further our due diligence. 
  • We bid at auction on behalf of our clients in the event that we are not purchasing prior.