1. You are the first to know when a property of interest comes on the market.  More importantly, you're the first to know when a property that is not on the market, becomes available.  Buyer's agents are the first to be alerted to off-market and pre-market opportunities.  Use this to your advantage!
  2. All of the logistics of a property purchase are handled for you: the ordering of building, pest and strata reports, ordering the contract for sale, arranging a solicitor, liaising with your finance broker and of course the sales agent - all of this is done for you.
  3. All of the property inspections are arranged for a time that suits you - and you know you're only seeing a property that is highly likely to be "the one". All of the properties you see have been inspected by your agent - someone who knows in detail what you're looking for - and you have already received an in-depth report on the property you're going to see, to know that it is highly suitable for you.
  4. You receive in-depth information about the properties you're interested in - including information that is only available to property professionals.  This information can help to successfully negotiate the purchase price down, much of the time.
  5. Access data on the neighborhood, city, real estate conditions and nearby homes and helping you understand all of the information you need to know about your property purchase.
  6. Great recommendations for finance brokers, conveyancers, sales agents (if you have a property to sell), builders etc.
  7. A buyer's agent such as Melissa has MBA-level negotiation skills to help you secure a property for a lower price.