Many people ask me why they ought to use a buyer's agent when they can do it themselves.  It's a fair question, and each person needs to see the value for themselves before they can make that call.  Here are my thoughts on why it's a great idea to use a buyer's agent:

Access to more properties

A buyer's agent has access to off-market properties.  In the eastern suburbs of Sydney, around 30% properties are sold off market.  This means that the average person looking to buy a home or investment property would not even know about those properties.  There are many agents in the eastern suburbs: both buyer's agents and selling agents, and with this comes a strong incentive for sellers to sell their properties off-market, while buyer's agents are available to soak up that supply.

Skilled negotiator and advocate

A buyer's agent works with real estate agents all the time.  They know real estate agents and what makes them tick.  When it comes to negotiation, you have a skilled, dedicated person on your team, advocating for your needs.

Trusted recommendations to other necessary services

A buyer's agent will have a list of recommended services to refer you to: conveyancers, handymen, painters, electricians, sales agents, property stylists, removalists, mortgage brokers, financial planners, accountants and so on.

The purchase process is managed directly and swiftly when it is negotiated agent-agent

Sales agents love to deal with buyer's agents.  We speak the same language and are able to cut to the chase.  For both parties, this is a relief.  For the buyer's agent's client, it means more direct and honest communication.

Accurately appraise the property to ensure it is within your budget

How many people go after properties that ultimately sell for much more than the stated price?  Sound familiar?  A buyer's agent is able to appraise the property you're interested in,  to ensure that your precious time and resources are not spent on a property that will ultimately never be yours.

So there you have it: my top five ways a buyer's agent helps you to secure your property.