Today, I want to focus on some of the challenges faced by people who are looking for a home to rent, and offer some solutions.

In winter, we typically see more properties coming on the market.  This can be excellent for tenants who are looking for a new rental property, however the increase in rental supply does not necessarily equate to market rent being offered and suitable properties being available.

Competition for rental properties remains strong, particularly in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.  It's fairly common for people to search for many weeks, never really finding a property that is close to suitable; or finding a property that is suitable, albeit with numerous applications on.  Oftentimes, finding the right home can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack: the good (and well-priced) homes get snapped up before you’ve even had a chance to see them, while the over-priced, less-than-suitable homes remain on the market for weeks.

How I can help

Working on behalf of tenants and representing their needs, I assist with presentation and preparation of your application to ensure that the landlord / property manager knows that you are a great tenant.  This puts you way ahead of your competition. 

Understanding the rental market well, I am able to accurately assess rental values so that you know when you're potentially going to be paying too much - and providing an avenue for the rent to be successfully negotiated down.  This in itself saves you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

I am also able to review the residential tenancy agreement to ensure that the terms are suitable for your needs.

Work with me

The first consultation is offered free of charge and without obligation to you. 

  1. I take a detailed brief of your property need
  2. I search for properties for you, both online and off-market, ensuring you're placed ahead of the competition
  3. I assist with preparation of your application
  4. I am able to inspect properties for you, delivering a short-list of properties that will be suitable for your needs.  For every property that I inspect for you, I will provide a detailed and thorough report, along with photos: ones that accurately depict the home.
  5. I negotiate the rent on your behalf.

The rental search service really saves time, frustration and money for tenants.  It saves time in terms of searches and inspections.  It saves frustration: turning up at rental properties to find they've just been leased; are not as they appeared in the photos; or are otherwise unsuitable.  Finally, it saves you money by successfully negotiating the rent down when excessive rents have been advertised.