Jo (not her real name) was in a real pickle.  She lived with her elderly parents in a home that was no longer suitable for them due to recent surgery.  Working full-time, it was hard for Jo to get out to view properties during the week.  Saturdays were spent at open homes that were full of other buyers, with properties close to exchange almost as soon as they went on the market.  After almost a year of looking without success, Jo became desperate.  Her parents' health was declining: recent falls, more surgery planned - and they really did need to move now.

With very specific property requirements and a fairly tight budget, Jo knew it would be tricky.  The market had moved since she started looking, however her budget had not.

Jo came to me in tears.  We talked a lot and worked through some options and possibilities for the new home that she would share with her parents. 

Within three months, I had presented several properties to Jo that were close to her needs.  Those properties were sourced, inspected, reported on, we even did due diligence on a few and negotiated with agents - alas, none was perfect.  We kept looking.  I am always keen for my clients to purchase the best home for their needs, rather than settling for something that may need to be sold again soon - as buying and selling property is expensive.

We reviewed the property brief and talked through some other options, and we refined the property brief as needs changed.

My search consisted of on-market, off-market and pre-market opportunities.  What does this mean?  On-market is the sorts of properties you see advertised on and .au.  Pre-market are those properties that are going to appear on the internet soon - but are not there yet.  This situation presents a unique opportunity for a buyer's agent to purchase a property before it even reaches the market.  And finally, there are off-market properties.  These are properties that are never planned to be placed on and .au.  They are properties where the vendor prefers to sell off-market - perhaps to maintain privacy, perhaps to save on advertising and property styling, or perhaps - more likely - because the selling agent has a long list of buyer's agents who they can contact - and sell the property quickly without ever needing to go to market.


This was the situation for the property that I purchased for Jo.  The perfect property was actually sourced off-market.  I had maintained very close contact with local real estate agents - they all knew Jo's requirements - and as soon as the right property came up, I was the first to know about it.  One quick call and I inspected the property and advised Jo of it potentially being " the one" - and it was.

The process for Jo was smooth and efficient.  She regained her Saturdays, and did not need to feel guilt for being unable to view properties during the week due to work commitments.  We shortened her search time and located the perfect property through a channel that was not open to Jo. 

Following some minor renovations (painting and new carpet), they moved in and are very happy.

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