Buyer beware.  We hear it often in relation to purchases we might make.  Generally speaking, the onus is on the purchaser to ensure that their purchase is suitable for their needs, yet time and again, we hear of people who regret their purchase: real estate or otherwise.  People who are looking to buy a home are sometimes caught up in the emotion of their purchase, while people seeking to purchase an investment property can tend to be less discerning about the particulars of the property, focusing on price and rental return.

Buyer beware: buying a home in Sydney

I take the view for all of my clients that a property is a significant purchase, and we do take the time to do the right checks before a purchase goes ahead.  This helps ensure that down the track, the property will continue to meet my client's needs.

Often times the simplest of measures can be neglected, such as relying on a friend / family member to review a contract for sale, rather than engaging a property lawyer or conveyancer, in attempt to save on costs.

More frequently, people may neglect to obtain a building and pest / strata report for their property, only to find major issues later, such as structural damage, termite damage, a strata committee in disarray or looming large special levies.

I enlist the services of experienced and professional colleagues to review contracts, attend building and pest / strata reports because we want the best outcomes for my clients' property purchase.  I ensure that my clients are always fully informed and that they understand what they have been advised, reviewing the advice with the client if need be.  Together, wedecide whether that particular property is going to meet their needs now and in the future, or whether we are best to continue our search.

If you need a hand with your first or next property purchase, I'd love to assist you.  My affordable service often saves you much stress, money and frustration in the short- and long-term. 

Melissa Maimann is a Licenced real Estate Agent and Buyer's Agent in Sydney.  She assists home owners and investors alike with an affordable service that empowers you to make smart purchase decisions.  Melissa's service is fast, efficient and accurate.  If you need a hand with your next purchase, don't hesitate to make contact.