Vendor advocacy services are gaining momentum throughout Australia as more and more vendors seek out the best agents to sell their properties, along with accessing skilled advocacy throughout their property sale.  A vendor advocate is an independent agent (usually a buyer's agent) who works with the vendor and their selling agent.  Buyer's agents are uniquely placed to recommend selling agents since buyer's agents and selling agents work so closely together.  As well as recommending and negotiating sales agents, vendor advocates also work closely with the vendor to act as a sounding board, recommend marketing, and review offers. 

A trusted, independent buyer’s agent can help their clients secure the best possible sales agent, commission and sales services when selling their property.

Vendor Advocacy Sydney

Vendor Advocacy Sydney

Fees for vendor advocacy?

Vendor advocacy is a FREE service.  Vendor advocates are paid out of the commission that goes to the sales agent.  All fees and commissions are disclosed to the client ahead of time, but essentially, there is no additional fee to the vendor for using a vendor advocacy service.  It is one commission paid to the selling agent, which the selling agent then splits with the vendor advocate.

Choosing a vendor advocate

  • Your vendor advocate should be a licensed buyers agent
  • Your vendor advocate should be clear about how the commission fee works with the selling agent
  • Your vendor advocate should take time to appraise themselves of your selling needs so that they can recommend the best agents for your needs
  • Your vendor advocate should stay in touch with you throughout the sale process
  • Your vendor advocate should retain a copy of the sales agreement that you sign with the real estate selling agent

Benefits of using a vendor’s advocate

A vendor’s advocate guides you through the process of selecting a real estate agent, ideas for the marketing of your home for the best result, and brings objectivity to the sale process.  In particular, a vendor's advocacy service will:



  • Reduce time and frustration involved with interviewing various agents
  • Be on the lookout for potential buyers for your home
  • Negotiate the commission and marketing spend for your sale, saving you time and money
  • Provide unbiased advice as to what is required to market and sell your property

In short, there is no reason not to use a vendor advocacy service.  It saves you time and money, there is no downside, and you essentially get two agents on your team for the price of one.  Why not call us today to enquire about our vendor advocacy service?  Call 0400 418 448 now.

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