Here, I share my very best tips for finding your perfect home.

1. Write down your wish list

Be as detailed and thorough as you can be.  List every little thing that's important to you.  Next, write a number from 1 - 10 next to each item, with 10 being absolutely critical (the home just couldn't be your home without it), to 1 (being non-essential, or something that can easily be changed). 

2. Divide your list up

Convert your list from #1 above into two lists: one list will have your number 7 - 10 items; and the other list will have your number 1 - 6 items.  Review the list to ensure that the 7 - 10 items really ought to be in that category.  These items will become your non-negotiable deal-breakers, whereas your 1 - 6 items will be your "nice-to-haves".

3. Bring your list with you when you inspect properties

If you walk in the home and you like it, pull out your list.  Rank the homes according to the non-negotiables and the nice-to-haves.  As soon as you identify that a home does not have a non-negotiable items, move on.  Don't give it a second thought.  Your new home simply must have your non-negotiables .... otherwise they're not non-negotiable.

4. Get a second opinion

You've found a home you love, it has all your non-negotiables and many of your nice-to-haves as well.  You're feeling really positive about this home becoming yours.  Get a second opinion.  The best second opinion you can get would be from a buyer's agent - or else it might be a friend or relative.  They trick is to have a completely impartial and independent opinion on the home.  Maybe it looks and sounds amazing, but the levies are incredibly high, or there's structural damage, or there's a new development going up that will obstruct the view .... all these things must be considered.

5. Does it measure up?

Bring your tape measure.  Yes, really.  Measure up the main large items you're going to be bringing with you to your new home, and ensure that they'll fit in the space provided.