Some people believe a buyer's agent is really only used by people who are buying prestige properties. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Buyer's agents help people locate off-market properties, negotiate purchases, bid at auctions, evaluate properties, inspect properties, manage all the communication with the agents and generally make the purchasing process easier and simpler.

Some keys to knowing you might need a buyer's agent:

  • You're in a rush to move - you have a deadline such as you've just sold your home and need to purchase to avoid renting
  • You're pregnant or have a young family and it's just too hard / uncomfortable to get out and about to all the inspections
  • You work very long hours and cannot take time off during work hours to inspect properties during the week
  • You feel unsure about your negotiation skills
  • You've been looking for more than 6 months and just haven't found anything you like
  • The properties you're interested in all go for more than what your budget will allow
  • You need help and guidance to know what parts of Sydney would be good to purchase in
  • You have a deposit and pre-approval

A buyer's agent will generally see you purchased well before you would otherwise purchase, and also ensure that you're armed with all of the relevant facts about the property that you're interested in.  The fee paid is a small investment in your future, particularly in a market that is going up at such a fast rate - can you really afford to take 12+ months to find a property when a buyer's agent will shorted your property purchase to 2-3 months?