For many property buyers, exhaustion, dismay, disillusionment and despair are all too common. 

Months of searching reveals:

  • Properties that sell on the first open home
  • Properties whose open homes are cancelled without any notice because the property has been sold already
  • Doom and gloom stories shared by other house-hunters who you meet on your property search travels
  • Lies, scare tactics and under-quoting from agents leaves you wondering who you can trust
  • Missing out at auctions time and again
  • Endless hours spent online, enquiring with agents, inspecting properties - but no result

For buyers who can really empathise with the above comments, the risk of making a poor purchasing decision is high.

Our auction clearance rates are climbing steadily as we approach Spring.  In fact, by some reports the auction clearance rates are the highest they've been in years, for this time of the year.  Bad news for buyers.  It means that even more will miss out - and risk buyer fatigue and make poor purchasing decisions.

The risks of buying the wrong home are many:

  1. Cost: buying the wrong home and realising it later may mean another sale and purchase in the not-too-distant future.  Buying and selling are both costly.
  2. Cost: buying the wrong home and realising it later may require you to renovate your new home to make it more suitable: again, if this cost was not factored into the purchase, it can add way more cost than you had budgeted for.

The very best way - and by far the cheapest way - to avoid buyer fatigue - or prevent poor purchase choices is to engage a buyer's agent.  Why?

  1. A buyer's agent will keep you in check: they will provide feedback on properties that is impartial, not emotional.  If the property is not right, it will be ruled out, quick-as-a-flash, without your emotions becoming involved.
  2. A buyer's agent helps you to accurately assess a property, warts and all, including an estimate of the fair price for the property. This can mean you don't go for a property that is likely to sell for more than you can afford; and that you don't pursue a property that is a "dud".
  3. A buyer's agent will help you establish a robust list of true needs vs "nice-to-haves".  This means that the searches will be far more focused and the whole property purchase time will be shortened.
  4. A buyer's agent will give great recommendations for all of the property professionals you may need
  5. A buyer's agent will ensure that you have your finance and deposit ready before the search begins
  6. Engaging a buyer’s agent will cost a small fee or a percentage of your home’s purchase price, but it may save you thousands in the long run.

If you are tired of looking, frustrated by the market and generally "over it", I'm here to help you.  Contact me today.