I can help you

My service exists to help people purchase or rent property through their lifespan.  I help first-home buyers, couples who are purchaing their first home together, families who need larger homes as their newest family members arrive, investors who seek to increase their net worth through property, couples who are downsizing after their children leave home, and elderly people who are exploring options for their retirement years.  I understand that we buy, sell and rent our homes in response to changes, challenges and celebrations in our lives, and I bring compassion, empathy and respect to your purchasing or renting experience.

Buying your first home

Buying your first home is the most important financial decision you'll ever make. 

Why?  Your first home sets you up for life. Buy a home that does not appreciate very much in value - and you're not making best use of your capital across your buying years.  Skilled advice can ensure that your very first property is one that will appreciate well over the years, ensuring you can upgrade comfortably as your needs change, and retire comfortably.

Families, professionals, time-poor people, limited mobility


There's no doubt our lives are busy.  I wonder if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have a brand new baby or young children
  • Have a new job that you can't take time away from
  • Have limited mobility
  • Are unwell
  • Are studying and working at the same time
  • Are a busy professional
  • Or are simply overwhelmed, exhausted and "over" the whole property search process?

If so, my buyer's agent service offers the solutions you need.  Choose from a range of flexible packages that make your purchase an easy experience.


You’ve done as much research as you can possibly do, and you are still no closer to taking action. Well, don’t worry because it’s not your fault.  Everyone is happy to tell you their opinion, but sifting the good from the not-so-good advice is a challenge.  My Buyer's Agent service offers straightforward, sensible advice.